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i just make this post for you WBID lovers..
share our Blog builder for make it true if still enjoy sharing a story with Blog only using mobile phone.

xZee Team is under prepared to submit some template (in working) for make more beauty templates at WBID Store! mobile lite WBID theme by Lenna
more users more fun, so promote WBID on your social account just like me.
currently we have a lot of features and so many sub domain and the best is fully control editor templates.

but still I hope a new features that's allow another users to manage another user Blog.
because xZee Blog on WBID it's single account, single user 🤕 no even i can show my info just look like on WP.
my user name is same like Zen sama, so this will be better if having new features for add new Blog moderator or Author .

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Posted By: Zen Sama
Posted On: 16 Oct 2017 18:45
Category: WapBlog.ID

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Lenna Gracie
Lenna Gracie
16 Oct 2017 18:45
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